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Melanie Trausch
Executive, Career and Financial Coach @ MELT

Phoenix, Arizona, 85048
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Executive & Leadership Development

MELT Leadership Mastery™ is a multi-level executive and leadership development training program designed for leaders with an internal organizational support structure. This engagement aligns personal attributes, expertise, leadership style, and ambitions to access and cultivate an executive’s leadership potential. There is a focus on positive and emotional intelligence strategies to address issues and challenges executives and leaders experience in the workplace.

Career Management

MELT treats career management as a philosophy and set of disciplines to enable professionals to achieve career goals and develop career resiliency. We facilitate successful career management by developing systematic practices of building relationships, engaging in career development conversations, updating your career development plan, setting new goals as your life and career needs change, as well as fostering key skills related to job searching and managing changes in a resilient manner.

Team Development Workshops

MELT TeamWorks™ is an exclusive team development program for leaders and their teams. This is a customizable program for organizations with teams that require a disciplined team development and alignment process to achieve success.  In this customizable, highly interactive program, teams will discover their DNA in order to maximize team performance and productivity. Participants will attend a series of workshops that will focus on mastering collaboration, understanding the dynamics of effective team alignment, embracing diversity, discovering how to foster engagement and positive relationships, and minimizing conflict with all personality types.

Money Matters Workshops

MELT MoneyMatters™ help individuals positively transform their relationship with money. Participants will attend a series of workshops that will help them gain clarity on their underlying core money patterns and beliefs, understanding how those patterns have manifested and are currently impacting their life, and forge life-changing strategies to reduce financial stress, improve financial stability, and create wealth and financial well-being from within. Individual financial coaching is also available.



Melanie Trausch is the owner of MELT Coaching and a certified executive, career, and financial coach, empowering professionals with successful career transition, professional and leadership development, and effective career management. Melanie has an extensive business background with over 25 years experience in financial services and education, strategic marketing, and business consulting. She has been a self-employed small business owner since 2006, having the privilege to act as a collaborative strategist for executive teams, small businesses, and non-profits. It is this diverse and strong business foundation that allows Melanie to bring unique insight and intelligence to her coaching. As a member of both the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and the International Coach Federation (ICF) Melanie is extremely passionate about her role as a facilitator to help her clients love what they do for a living while achieving financial prosperity and overall well-being.


The mission at MELT is to empower professionals with the mindset and required competencies: leadership, building high-performance teams, effective communication, emotional intelligence (EQ) and strategic capability to become confident, effective leaders who define success on their own terms.  Core MELT services include: Executive Leadership & Personal Development; Team Building & Alignment Workshops; Executive Career Management; Personality & Performance Assessments; Onboarding and Succession Planning; Diversity Training; Women's Leadership Coaching; Small Business Coaching


Fee Schedule

Fees are based on services provided. Please contact Melanie directly to discuss what you are interested in and pricing. More information can be found at

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