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Lauren Archibeque
@ The Growth Company

3440 E Campbell Road
Gilbert, Arizona, 85234

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Lauren provides individual coaching to all age groups, but specializes in youth (14-21). She also has workshops throughout the year to facilitate personal growth in small group settings. She is also available for speaking engagements to entertain, educate and uplift groups of any size.



Lauren Archibeque is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful businesses starting from the age of 16. The businesses she has built have been across the business spectrum. Successful restaurant owner in Pennsylvania to owning an upholstery company in Colorado. She has been a successful record-setting sales person and she has entertained audiences from stage with stand-up comedy. She considers her most important role is that of being a mom.


The key to her many successes has been a consistent addiction to personal development over the course of three decades. Through many courses and modalities she has learned some very vital keys to tapping into the power that is within all of us. She shares some of those insights in her book, “Be Nice – Winning the Game of Life with Less Stress and More Grace.” She is a certified life coach and Primary Colors Personality Expert.  She believes that all success starts on the inside and manifests in our outer worlds only when we are in alignment on the inside. She also utilizes Body Code to remove deep seated blocks to abundance.

Lauren is also a Master NLP practitioner. To explain it simply, Neuro Linguistic Programming changes the program running deep in the subconscious mind to match what it is we say we want and releases the blocks that have prevented us from achieving all that we know we are meant to achieve.

Age Specialties

Lauren finds adolescents and young adults completely fascinating and engaging. She believes that our youth hold the keys to our future and too often are not provided with the personal development tools that would assist them in utilizing their unique gifts.

Fee Schedule

Call me and we can discuss the fee structure in detail.

Office Hours

I schedule appointments with your convenience in mind.

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